Top Four Advantages Of Artificial Plants Over Natural Plants


Decorating your rooms with some indoor garden pots or plants is always a great idea. However, after conducting some research, you probably learnt that it requires serious commitment and attention-to-detail to obtain the best results. Real plants need a lot of care; they need to be placed in a corner where light reaches, the temperature has to be favourable and most important, watering them regularly. After considering these propositions, you can conclude that maintaining a healthy garden is not a walk in the park. What’s next?

Ever thought about artificial plants?

Artificial plants used to look so fake back in the days; however, this is not the case today. Modern artificial plants, shrubs and flowers are designed and painted in a way that makes them look and feel so real. On a closer inspection, people who are not keen enough always mistake them for real plants.
The quality of today’s artificial plants and flowers gives them a close-to-natural appearance – some even have insect holes and some withered leaves. Most of these plants are durable, and rain resistant due to the polymer coating applied on the leaves. Read on to gain an insight into the top four advantages of artificial plants as compared to the real.

A. No seasonal changes

One of the most important benefits of using fake plants is that they are not affected by seasonal changes. Real plants shed their leaves seasonally, thus changing in appearance. The visual appeal diminishes gradually, which means the plants will no longer give the desired impact to your décor. Artificial plants serve this purpose as long as they exist, with only occasional care needed to keep them looking in excellent condition.

B. Less care and more realistic appearance

Artificial plants require lesser care and attention as opposed to real plants. They neither need regular watering nor occasional trimming. What’s more? They stay in shape and remain looking beautiful the way you purchased them. They add décor to your home or office space all year round.

C. Do not require natural factors

Living plants need air, enough water and adequate amount of sunlight to survive. Artificial plants, on the other hand, do not require these conditions. Since they do not require sunlight, they can be placed in any corner of the room or hanged in a shady section of the backyard. This brings you so much freedom when it comes to choosing a suitable design aspect. Artificial plants also eliminate the worries of pest or insect attacks, waterlogged planters or any other condition that may affect the growth of a real plant.

D. Are not restricted to one place

Artificial plants win big when it comes to placement and mobility. They are not confined to one place so you can move these plants whenever you want. You are free to place them where they’ll look best while giving a unique appearance to your garden or bringing life to your room. It is easier to repot artificial plants should you fancy a new shape, new look, or new colour pattern. Get your artificial plants at!

Why Artificial Plants are Better than Living Plants

If you are looking to enhance the beauty of your interiors, then adding plants will be one of the options that you are going to come across. Many people find it difficult to decide whether they should go for living plants or fake plant. If you are in the same situation, then you need to read this article to the end to understand why artificial plants are better than living plants.

Always Attractive

One thing with fake plants is that are not prone to seasonal changes. What this means, therefore, is that there is no shading of leaves and flowers as this will definitely make them look less attractive. Installing living plants in your home will demand that you invest a lot of time and resource in them to ensure that they do not change. This is might not be convenient for someone who is always busy.

On the other hand, fake plants do need much attention. Once you install them, they serve the purpose that you intended. You might, however, find the need to wash them occasionally just to be sure that they maintain their shininess.

More Durable

While it is always good to enhance the appearance of your home, you will agree that it is never a good feeling to spend a lot of money on the same. The good thing with fake plants is that they can last as long as you would want them. You just need to ensure that if you have to wash them, then you will do it occasionally and carefully.

Living plants, on the other hand, will demand that you replace them from time to time. If you are not ready for that kind of maintenance schedule, you should go for fake plants.

Perfect Appearance

Another good thing with fake plants is that they have a perfect appearance. The explanation behind this is that they are never affected by natural factors. You can get whatever color you feel is perfect to give your home the impression that you want. It is also good to understand that if you fail to water the living plants, then they will turn out to be less attractive.

Not limited to a Particular place

Science does not allow people to put living plants in their bedroom especially during the night. This, therefore, tells you that bedroom is out of bound for living plants. On the other hand, fake plants can be installed anywhere in your house